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Sunday, April 25, 2010

first post :)

WOO..i have use few days to edit my blog..and now finally i finished it . :)

21st-23rd april i have a sweet trip with my dear and frens.
i overnite at dear's home on 20th april.i help him to pack his luggage :)
we are freakinq excided..lalala

we wake at 6am on 21st morning and start to prepare our thing.
dear's mummy so gud..buy bread for me and dear,coz she scare we will hungry :)
she fetch us to derick's home before fetch dear's bro & sis skul too..
we go genting around 7am++


we reached genting around 10am.
we had to wait till 2pm++ only can check in


i have an arguement with dear and he leave me there with his frens >< after that i walk around with joyce[thx for acc me ya]


finally can check in and i same room with dear.
we keep argue and i ran out from room..he came out to find me and called me back room and i told him i dunwan back.then he jst go back to room.i tot he angry dy and dunwan care me dy,but actually he is going back to take jacket for me coz he scare me get a cold.yiii..make me so touched,but i didn't let him know XD


we took few photos in room.

we went snow world at nite..weee..damn cold man..
but so sweet with him..we blow love shape out in the snow world XP

took photo before leave :)


after we back room have another arguement with dear again =[
we chat for a long time bout our problem.Anyway,i know i should not always like that,i'm sorry dear. =[
after that we're sweet than before..we hav lot of funs together.

the 2nd day we stay at outdoor for half day and ..play many games that i've never play before with dear..we took many pictures too ^^weeeeeeeee.❤

ferries wheel❤


slp so early at nite coz we both also very tired. :)

we woke so late at last day.i tot we're late..but actually they all also same.hahas.
after breakfast i shopping with dear and buy smtg for his family.
we back around 4.30 ..i've did smtg to make dear so sweet when on the way back to ipoh XD
very ng seh dak my trip.

dear,even i always make u sad..but i really heart u very deeeeeep.
please forgive me if i did anything wrong kay?
be my LAST.❤

ps:this blog create for you.


Dezh_B said...

wah wah...sweet sweet...i like it~xian mu...

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