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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

rainy day.

stay at home for whole day,waiting for a guy.
he is busying for his personal things.
damn boring at home.haizzz...

have an argue again..i try to act nothing,but u keep hurting me.
well..maybe we too love each other,din meet for whole day both oso moody.
yea..i freakinq miss u and need you.Am i really not und u?so did u try to und me?
why i will moody?why i still text u even ur reply is so FU HIN?
why i always drop my tears for u?i totally changed becoz of u..can u do something to make me feel secure?i dun like argue with you.
Even i say i angry u,but i've never really angry u.i jst very sad,do u und?maybe i really very serious with u.so that i very scare i'll lost u.i care u very muchhh.i hope u beside me 24hours.i know it's impossible..and i have to apart with u for 4 years even i unwilling..
anyway,i'll wait u back and try my best to dun let myself change my heart.
no promise between us but jst action to prove it.❤

today i've read a gal's blog.i read it two times and i cried for two times.
her bf was has an accident,and he was dead.he jst 19 years old this year.
and the accident happened because of a brainless guy go through a red light!!
why god wan treat a sweet couple like this huh?why tat brainless guy din die huh??it's unfair.i freaking upset for that gal..i hope she'll be fine.

After i read her blog i more need u,dear.
i appreciate tat u're with me. i heart you


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