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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

the late post :)

30th April
very happy today,coz i'm going pc fair and looking for my new babyy.
wee..go with hyan,mok,joyce and kok.Dear need go kampar to find his new room so din go pc fair with us.=[ we go eat breakfast before we go pc fair.dear call me when we going eat breakfast,he say he coming back to ipoh but he din go pc fair.
there have no much ppl today..yeah~i like it.no need so hot XD
me and hyan seaching for our DELL and finally we found it.^^but.............hyan get her flavorite purple colour,and my white colour is out of stock..TT damn disappoint lar me.hmmmm..

that sales gal tell me that white colour is damn nice but it will change to yellow colour after a long time.i think for so loooong and i text dear and tell him bout white colour is out of stock and dunno want how.dear say he come find me..weee..he make me smile when i'm so down.
hmm..i decided to choose black colour before dear reach..i need do a decision in a short time coz i scare black colour will out of stock too.i'm sry dear,coz i din wait u come.=[
walk around with dear and them.bought a LV skin for my DELL babyy^^recently damn like LV.lolz..sei lorrr~no much money to buy it lar =[
damn sad after back home,coz my internet got problem..i cnt use it.wuwuwu...suen lar.go dear's home at nite,coz need him hlp me stick the skin for babyy.after that i use dear's broadband to log in FB awhile.we use the webcam to take photo too...weee..smthing happened and we laugh till cnt stop.hehes,tat's a secret between me and dear XD after that back home and text with dear till 3am++..thx for alwiz acc me till so late and i heart u muchh❤

1st May
wow..time past so fast..today was the 1st day of may.dear's gonna leave after few days.i'm freakinq NG SEH DAK him.we meet everyday and stick together always since we gether.OMG..i'll be crazy if i can't meet him for 4 days.even we jst couple,but we like aldy together so looong.we know each other so much and will know wat the other 1's thinking even we din say out.I rmb tat when we're still in genting,we stand at the man-made river which in indoor one together,we both also need a coin to make a wish.he din tell me bout it but i aldy gave him a coin.it's so amazing rite?We have a same wish too.OMG.i've never meet a guy tat know me so much like him.he is the 1st and he'll be LAST.izit too early to say he is the last?NO,i dun think so.i'm clearly know wat's on my mind.i'll try my best to hold the relationship between us.
Dear,u said that u'll giv me a steady and warm family in future.i trust u and i'll wait u back.i'll miss u always and heart more with my every breathe.

BREEZE cafe with my gang at nite.din chat so muchh today,coz the problem of places..ishhh
No much time to let us gethering always , i miss the time when we're still skul so muchh..we meet everyday and chat from morning till noon..hmmm=[
anyway,i love u guys deep and miss u all always❤

2nd May

wake at 1pm++ today.dreamed of dear last nite.weee..since we gether i dream of him everyday.== but it so sweeet for me and him^^dear so pig lar..always wake so late,wan me wait him..bt i'm willing to wait him everyday XD
go dear's home after i bath..use his broadband again..weeee..have a lot of sweet memory today^^we laugh till cnt stop again.yea..i love him deeper and deeper..spend my whole day with him,and we hav dinner with frens at nite.

having our dinner at 2plus1..lolz..steamboat again.but i'm enjoyed with it..today me and dear so free,coz they cook for us.hahas XP but suddenly rain when we're eating..ishhhh..so unlucky. we need to change to another place.it's freaking hot there and the rain stop after a moment.lolz..hmm..suen lar..we continue to eat ours food.^^


i call dear look to the sky becoz there have stars.something flash back.tat's a secret for me and him :) many memories with him and he is fulled in my mind.hmmm...
take photo few photo before back.

we all❤

me and dear❤

2nd May

nothing special today.din meet dear for whole day..miss him muchh..somemore his phone got problem.canot text with me..i lie on the bed whlole day..miss him like hell =[
he call me act him fetch his sis back ..actually i want go 1..i aldy change my cloth..but i ask him after fetch his sis back we go where..he say fetch me home.hmmmmm....jst half and hour..how i tell mum i go where?then i tell him i dunwan go dy.and after that i cried.i dunno what i cried for..jst feel very down.sighhhh.
after that msn with him.dad call me out for dinner after that.i tell him i wan bring laptop along coz i wan chat with him,but he dunwan.i know he what he thinking,but i'm sure i'll bored like hell..that's y i wan bring laptop.we argue coz this.hmmmmm..sent him a photo to TAM him.i text him and call him on9 when i'm dinnering coz need to wait for the meal.He called me and tell me he at outside.Even he din say any sweet words but i aldy feel sweet^^
finished my dinner and back home,i call him and tell him that i aldy balik rumah.he said he jst reach his grandparents there.hmmm..pity lar my dear.
he text me around 12am.weee..finally can text with him..miss him damn much.
have a big quarrel before we slp.he said smtg that really hurt me.hurt till canot cry it out.very suffer.
can u care my feeling?can u think wat i want?do u ever think u're wrong too?i changed for u,but i get?try to think if i say those words to u wat u'll feel.i din blame u at all,but i get hurt.
last,i heart u always.


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