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Sunday, May 9, 2010


many days din update my blog.damn lazyy man.
nothing special tis few days.i spend my time with my dearest tis few days..coz he gonna leave me.
time past so fast.i hope i can get a TIME MACHINE to stop the time.i really unwilling apart with him and my precious frens.how can i get it?i really need it. :'(
i miss the time gathering with my gang and my close frens too.we cannot meet always dy..i'm gonna miss u all muchh muchh.sighh.

u really gonna leave me after few hours.i dunno how to describe my feeling now.all the memories of us flashing back now.i care u so much,i really do.i'm sorry coz can't control my tears drop front of u.i know u heartache alot.i know u care me much too even u din say it out.Sometimes..i hope i can be more selfish and do smtg let u stay beside me.but i'm failed.Ur happiness is more important.I want see u smile.I like to laugh with u.You're the 1st person who really changed me.I know u very worry bout me.I promise i will always take care myself.I'll learn to be more independent when u're not here.I dunwan u always worry bout me and make u cannot concentrate on study.I'll try my best to control my tears.I'll try my best to not always make u sad and i'll be more mature.I should happy coz u'll back every weekend.I'll listen to u always.I'll tell u everythings of mine everyday..so that u can know everythings of mine :) You let me feel i'm a part of ur family.What u told me before i'll re keep in my mind. I'll learn how to cook and will cook nice food for u^^ I dunno wad can i say else..coz really many things wanna tell u.Wad i wanna let u know right now..i'm not ur gf but ur fiancee.I'll wait u back.I trust u with all my heart.You in my heart always.I'll miss u every moment.I heart u deeply,Tan Kah Weng❤

Hyan leong,
gal,we know each other around 8 years dy.we same class since we're standard 4.1st time not go skul gether.i miss the time when we're always gether.Even many things happened between us..but i'm still appreciate we're best frens.Thx u for always beside me when i'm in trouble.Enjoy ur college life..take care urself..i'll miss you always❤

start my new life soon.Hope everything will be fine :)


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