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Sunday, May 16, 2010

second time.

15 May
nothing special in da morning.out with dear at 6pm.he come fetch me after fetch his little sister.spend my time with him again :)
mok call us yam cha at nite.METRO again..Kok is appear with joyce suddenly.^^ Joyce sure very happy larr..coz she miss kok like hell. :)
we're going back home so early that nite..actually i wan go pologround,but it so dangerous coz jst me and dear,so we didn't go dy T^T
Dear's phone and wallet left in my bag..hmmm..luckily still can msn.Dear acc me till 4am++..He said want buy smtg for me.i'm very happy with it but i dunwan waste dear geh money.When u work u must give me all of ur salary ya^^
I'll wait for ur car as our anniversary present :) hehee

16 May
text dear after i woke up.He came to take his phone and wallet before i attend for my Eng Class.He told me his dad called his bring me to have breakfast with them.Hmmm..i hate my eng class larrr~~i wan eat breakfast with dear arr ><
out with dear after i back from my class.we having our lunch gether.After that i help him check his luggage..keep ask him still got wad haven keep.Hmmm..feel got a bit ng seh dak when hugging him :( but it's okay to me,maybe tis is the 2nd time he leave me..so i din cry at all.^^
hmm..very miss him in rainy day.i always sang a song to him when we're gether.Dear arr..i know u oso miss me much..haha..so ngam larr :D
Damn heartache when u told me u're alone there..hope can be there with u.Take care urself ya..Drink more water.
You're the one i need.I aldy tattoo ur name in my heart.米修❤


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