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Friday, May 14, 2010

simple post

hmmm..few days din update again..
there have many things happened this few days..happy and unhappy~
dear back from kampar there at tuesday..i'm freaking happy..i miss him muchh...Hyan back at tat day too...wuhooo :) i tot wan go pm with dear geh..but so late dy :( but it's okay..he beside me aldy enuff dy^^hug him tite tite when meet him..coz really miss him lottt.. :)

have a big problem with dear at the next day.it make both of us very suffer and moody.i tot i'll lose him this time.but luckily...we both oso NG SEH DAK each other..hmmm..moody for whole day and finally we sweet back before we slp.. :)
text him after i awoke..hehee..then meet him at afternoon ^^ Nite have gathering with frens..but dear's parents call us go dinner with them :( hmmm..feel got a bit ng seh dak go..coz got many things wanna blah with them.I'm sorry guys..especially Hyan.Left her alone there. ><
Very GAN JIONG when eat with dear's parents..they ask me many things and make me feel so shy.But i'm very happy coz they treat me as a part of their family member gam. :))
after argue with dear yesterday,we like more close dy..Keep laugh and laugh gether..yea..i love it muchh.Dear text me and told me smtg when i'm buying things with his sis.Sooooo sweet and plz dun forget what u said arr..if not bengg u gah XP
Chat many things with dear today.He ask me:"dear,u know..we're champion before we come to this world." XP damn funny larrr..and i canot forget it.heheeee.
hmm..time to slp..weeee..i love ur hug,dear.U're my only husband.

dear sang this for me today.touchh.i heart u dear❤


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