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Sunday, May 30, 2010


looooooooooong time din update my blog.i'm pretty busy this few days.
hmmm..gonna forget wat i did in this few days dy @@
i wait for a long time,and finally dear is coming back to me on Thursday.when he told me he gonna come back i was so tired and sleepy one.but i canot slp.He keep call me slp but i really canot fall asleep.I text him that i canot slp and he replied me and said he know.I ask him why,he said coz he is coming back..so i excited till canot slp.LOL..bt it's true lar.. (≧◡≦)
We surpose back home early coz thought want go make passport.But finally mum not free..so that we just stay at hum.hmmph~
play badminton with dear at evening..LOL..i'm kinda tired after that.But so happy with it.I love to spend my time with him. ❤❤
Have a gathering with shit gang on friday at MOON RIVER.We go to have a pray before we go gathering coz we like so unlucky recently.I said i wan eat pizza when we're at MOON RIVER.We want to call delivery,but we're too late.. :( Dear said he take me go pizza hut and buy.Weeeee..he treat me so good.^^ When we reached pizza hut,it aldy closed.ARRHHH~me and dear damn moody larr...hmmmp~After that we NG GAM YUEN..so that we go Burger King.ahaha..
After finished ate the burger,i play PS2 with dear.I keep look at dear after i lose and he said he will let me~hahas XP
After that brother and his frens back home,the bought some DVD back too.Me and dear choose jor CHUCKY[i dunno wat the movie's name,jst know that doll call chucky] and back room to watch it.It damn scary and Dear know me scare..so that we change to SCARY MOVIE.It damn funny and make us keep laugh.ahaha...


Go take my jusco voucher at Greentown on Saturday.After that go JJ with my darling.I want to buy a present for my sweetie Hyan for her b.day and buy something for darling.We go S&J to see present and Hyan and Apple was in S&J too.I canot see them there coz i'm concentrate to the keychain.I heard someone say hello to me suddenly and I look at her.That's Apple. Hyan hit me from back when i'm talking with Apple.LOL..i was get shock coz i really din see dou them at all. ==
Me and dear gar gar walk to other place coz dunwan let Hyan know we buy present for her.We go supermarket there and bought some drinks.We back to S&J again and i choose present for Hyan.Hmmmph..take a long time to choose the present and my dear was so tired there...heartache alot ><
Finally we can back and dear dunwan buy his things dy coz he so tired.


Have a gathering with all my beloved at nite.We want to give a surprise to Hyan.We want to celebrate her b.day for her coz we can't beside her when she b.day.Dear come my home and tot wan wait Zhun come fetch us.Zhun said he might be late,so that we go by ourself.It was raining and we have an accident again.Owrhh~second time.I'm get shock again TT
Dear go chat with that ppl and try to settle it.I waiting dear in the car and text Carmen to told her i'll be late.We back dear's home and call Zhun come fetch us.It was so lucky that dear not drive till very very fast.If not maybe i canot attend to the gathering.I feel got bit dizzy after the accident T^T
Finally,we reached the place where we gathering.We standing at outside there coz nid wait for milky.We take the cake and walk into the cafe.Unluckily,we let Hyan see dou jor ><
But she's still feel touched.ahaaa~keep chatting with them.I'm so enjoy it :)
back home at 12.30++ Wow~Barroom SINGLE NITE that day.Many ppl there.Anyway,i'm not so interest to club without my dear and all ji mui. :)

ps:/sometimes...an argument can make us more understand,more care and more love each other.We getting closer and closer. we belong to each other.ILY.<3


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