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Sunday, June 6, 2010

everything will be fine :)

Hmmm..one week din updated blog again.Damn lazy recently.There have many problems had to face recently..but now settle all dy.Finally can get my simple life back :)

Feel sorry that canot beside Hyan when her birthday.Hmm..but i think she have lot fun and surprise there with her new frens ^^

Hang with dear at friday.SUSHI again..god..we both like sushi damn much.weeee..i found my sushi kaki dy :D After sushi shopping with dear..enjoy the time with him.
Fetch my parents to take bus on sat.they had to out station for two weeks..Hmm..feel like so lonely when see they leave. :'(

Celebrate dear's b.day with his sweet family after that.Chat for a looong time with dear's family.I'm jst like a part of his family..feel warm with it :) Gave dear a small surprise after celebrate with his family.I hope he will happy wad i did for him.

Learn drive car again tis morning.This is the second time.Damn nervous when start,but after that i feel everythings is fine there.oh yeahh..i hope can get my car licence faster.I want fetch my dear^^

Feel like dunwan let dear leave me today.I dunno why..but just dunwan let him leave.Eventhough this is the N times he leave,but today really like want be more selfish and dun let him go.Gonna crazy for him.

There have some problems between us.But it all jst because we love each other toooo much.I know we can back like last time or better than last time.Time can change everythings and make us forget bout those sad things.I know the reason that u mad with me.I'll try my best to prove that what i said to you.Happy birthday to you my Only MAN.I love you with all my heart.<3


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