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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Dear gave me a surprise on Friday.His class suppose end at 10.30am,but till 11am he also didn't text me.I was freaking worry him.It was too many accident now days and somemore his car have some problem.I try to be patient and wait till 11.30 then call him.He answered my call and i ask him where is him.He told me he already reached ipoh.I was damn surprise and happy when i knew it.Wait him come my home and have breakfast after that.Actually i said i want eat MC'D,but there was fulled.We decided go eat pizza at tesco cause dear need cut hair there.After order the meal dear leave me alone in pizza hut.><
After finished meal we go buy some fruits back home,coz i want make fruit juice for my dear :)
A aunty jump the queue when at the counter.IShhhh..so shui larrr ..bully me ><


Dear bought a new dress for me on Saturday.Wuhoooo..i like it so damn much.Thx dear alot :*
Finally,we have breakfast at MC'D on this day.Heheee..i love FRENCH FRIEDS so muchh.
After that take my lovely AINO to repair.The flash light spoiled jor.I duno izit i drop it on the floor and spoiled it.I'm sorry..my pity AINO. :'(


Having dinner with dear's family at nite.I was so nervous for something.URGG ><
Go watch The Karate Kid at 11.55pm.It was fulled.wow... o.O

i like the cup :)

HE is addicted on POKER now.Freaking moody bout it.Once i think bout it i'll feel so speechless and dunwan talk with him.Aikss..just let it bah.Hmmm..it better than addicted on other things.
Today was the second time i drop my tears when he leave.I'm sorry,i really can't control.
Oh Yea..i admit i'm so selfish when i'm in love.I dun like other gals disturb my boy except my close frens.I really hate it so much.Damn it!

Last, i love you no matter what happened.GUD LUCK for ur exam.I'll wait u back.<3


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