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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Be mature

Time pass so fast.Today is the last day of june.Sometimes..i really scare bout it.I dunwan become old >< I hope can growth up faster when i'm still small but when i'm 18..i hope time can stop here.Everythings is PERFECT for me now..my lover,friendship,family and life.Can please just stay here?I scare i'll lose one of them one day.I'm afraid of death.I scare i can't be with all my beloved anymore.I really do love them very much.Feel so down sudddenly but i dunno why.My sista, i miss you guys alot now.I hope can chat with you guys now. :'(

Well..today i wait my man for WHOLE day..damn bored.I know he is very toilsome and stress there.Heartache to see him cannot sleep well because of the stress.I become more and more mature.I didn't complain anything while wait him.I know now is not the time to like a child complain anything and argue or blame him.I know he will hope to stay beside me 24 hours too if can.But we had to face the reality..he need to study and i know his dad want him to study hard there.I choose to be mature and understand him,choose to be more patient to wait him.As a wife,i should let him be relax when with me but not stress when with me.This is the best way to keep our relation till the end.

I will pray for your exam and presentation moro.GOOD LUCK
I miss you so damn much.I miss your hug.I miss your kisses❤
2 more days you will back to me :)


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