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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

PASSED my car test :)

Yam cha with all my beloved on last saturday..wow..we have insufficient time to finish our topic.We're having less and less time to meet now.Everyone is busy for work and study..i hope can back to school time.We can chat everyday when school day :( I really miss them alot when i'm alone.
TRUE fren is hard to find..there are too many complicated people now,it's hard to know what they're thinking..i cherish my main frens-Hyan,Carmen,Milky,Nikkie and P.shan.I love you guys alot.

Well..i've passed my car test today.I was quite nervous before the test start.Thx god that i've passed.Dear purposely ask his fren to fetch him back from kampar and celebrate with me.SWEET one..he like care the result more than me and happy till cannot concentrate on study when i told him i passed.My sor dear..I really heart him more and more.THX for everythings.I really appreciate it.❤


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