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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lazy to update my blog recently.Everythings like normal.Wait hubby for 4 days and enjoy my weekend with him.

I learn car again at last wed.I pass my car trial.Have some thing happened before i back,it make me lose all my confidence.I hate that uncle. :'(

Celebrate my bro's birthday last saturday.I surprise that i can settle all things without other ppl help me.weee :)
This is the 1st time i bring my boy friend home to meet my relative and there was damn many relative that day.I feel so nervous and i know my boy too.We keep busy bout buy things and prepare things.I feel so sorry for my frens,coz i no much time to acc them. :( Anyway that was a happy nite for me and my frens.^^

Dear have test this two weeks,heartache alot cause see him study till so late.I realise that i care his study too.Not only care him,but care his parents and our future too.Oh yea..i getting mature and mature with him.I try to dunwan mad with him because of no time acc me.I know he so tired after do revision.Try to let him relax after do revision so that won't feel toilsome. :)

We getting better and better.less quarrel,less feel moody and many.Feel happy with it.I never jealous other ppl cause how they sweet cause i know the way he love me is different.I won't compare u with others,i swear.ILY.<3


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