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Monday, July 19, 2010


Ahaa~around 2 weeks++ din update blog dy..was freaking lazy and sometimes nothing let me update.My life is freaking bored at weekdays.Hmm~that's why i hope darling always here,so that i won't feel boring.

By the way,i gastric till gonna die last thursday.I think i eat too much that night.Was feel a little gastric before i sleep.I take no notice of it.Around 3am++,i pain till can't sleep and started vomit.It make me so suffer and i'm gonna cry.At 5am++,grandma saw me still vomiting there so she woke mummy up and ask mummy take me to hospital.I was freaking scare that need to overnight at hospital.Huuuu~Luckily they just give an injection.After that the nurse call me rest there for awhile.Back home and sleep after that.
Darling is coming back on the next day.Actually i dun wan let him know before he reach here,cause he will rush back for sure.but at last he know dy.He come and stay beside me for whole day.I feel better after saw him :) He back home and have dinner with his family at night,his dad ask him bring me go..but i'm in sick :'( I feel like less something when he is not around.Hmmm..but darling said he will come to acc me next morning.Actually i already feel better on saturday,but i still need to rest at home.Was planning go genting on Sunday with family..but i dunno either can go or not.I take care myself very well and sleep early that day so that i can go genting on sunday :)

Was so excited on sunday.Early in the morning i already woke up and prepare.hahas..Can't wait to go genting with darling^^
We out at 7am and go kampar take my bro and his girl friend.
We reach genting around 10am++..I go buy tickets with dear and cousins then started play at out door.yahoooo~

they have o much people today,but it seems like want rain ><


took it when waiting for play games<3

after we play few games,it really rain..oh gosh man.Cold like hell.Hmm..we go indoor and go into BELIEVE IT OR NOT. darling was so interested to it. ;)
After that we have our lunch at MC'D with mummy them.We go outdoor again after finished meal.It still raining...HMMMM~
dear said wan to win somethings to me,he tried many times and use many money with it.I was very sweet but at the same time very heartache for the money ><>

was back around 5pm.hmm..actually still have many games haven play,but rain.><
GOOD BYE genting~

Dear is worrying about me because of something.Maybe i really dun understand..but i really heart you so much and will just heart you more day by day.I dun like argue,I like to laugh with you.I just want a simple life with you.I just want to be with you.I promise will protect myself and avoid from DANGER.Thx for you caring and loving always.I will hug MOMO so tight every night.I HEART YOU,TAN KAH WENG.❤

ps:My sisters,i miss you guys alot ;)


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