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Monday, August 2, 2010


Today was the second day of AUGUST.Wondering why time pass so fast.Birthday is coming..hope can pass with HIM and THEM.Unfortunately that i can't have a big celebration for my sweet 18 birthday.It's okay to me that can't celebrate..i aldy used with it.

Gathering with my besties last saturday,every saturday is the time for us to blah out our sadness or hapiness.I really enjoy with them..True and forever friends.We stay beside each other when the other one in trouble.Can cry front of them without feeling shame or embarrassed.Hmmm..there have many unhappy things happened recently..was heartache and worry alot when i saw my besties get hurt.Girl,I hope you'll be fine.

Many people keep asking me about wanna continue study or work.urggg~i really fed up with that.Anyway..i know my besties is worrying too..I just wanna rest and enjoy my holidays now and I'll give myself a limit.Don't worry,I won't forget my DREAM and lost myself.Sometimes maybe can't let go the chance that meet you all.Was just worrying can't gethering with u guys as i want.

LOVE,can make you happy but can hurt you deeply too.Everyone was afraid with it but obsessed with it.LOVE,need hold by two person.Don't simply say I LOVE YOU if you can't do it.


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