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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

lifey :)

Weeeee..darl purposely back ipoh pass my birthday with me last thursday and he have no class at friday..yahooooo~so that he can acc me more ^^
Darl plan to have a small celebration for me..but finally cancelled dy cause i cannot celebrate.Anyway..i still have a happy 18 birthday with him.How we pass that day?It was a SECRET XP

Gathering with my beloved babe saturday..xixi..i really like to chit chak with them.There have endless topics between us....and and and..my Leong Hok Yan give me a present that day.HoHo..


it so cute right?thanks her for giving me this..she said want me smile always..hoho..sweet her.I put it in my room and see it everyday..haha..make me everyday also feel so miss her :$ sometimes feel like wanna tell them every sad things..but it just like already forget what i sad about when i meet them.Life being colourful because of them :)

Well,i have a new target for my life.I wanna study for pet groomed..but maybe need go kl for it.Hmmmm~mummy and darl must be very worry if i go so far for study.What should i do?I really dunno can how :'( Wish can study here. ><

Darl's Final exam coming,may not back for three weeks..really sad bout it.I really miss him so muchh..I want go find him but i scare i'll disturb him study.Sometimes i really feel wanna ask him dun care anything and just back to me.I know it so selfish and childish..but i really very suffer without him..but i just think it when i sad..i know i won't do it and won't let him do it.I'll just wait and wait and find a chance to meet him.Hope he fine there.I should be more mature.Should understand that we must sacrifice for our future.I never jealous others that how sweet they are because i know the way we love is different.❤


azah yamin said...

viviannnn:) i miss plknnnn.

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