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Monday, August 9, 2010

outing :)

OPSS..birthday coming but imma in sick for those days.Every years same.Sighhh~
Anyway,it not a big deal for me.As long as i still alive,i think it's enough for me.

Have my dinner with my Darl at Wong Kok last friday.WOOOW~there have many delicious foods and drinks there.Take a long time to think wat i wan order and darl was impatient of it :$

Going to dad's kennel on the next day.Damn like to go there cause there have many doggie.Weee~i really like dog much ;D
Sing K with Frens at night.Hmmm..actually supposed to have more peoples that night..T^T
Anyway..we still enjoy and have lot of fun there.Keep laugh and laugh there.Darl keep hug me there.Owhh~imma so obsessed with his hug.It so sweet for me even just hugging each other.

sweet kiss from him ❤

my kiss for him❤

Darl is singing Beside me❤

Go TONG SUI GAI have supper after sing K. After that go "long gai" with marcus and his gal :)
Back home around 4am++..Woots..long time didn't back home so late dy.What a happy day :D

Darl,I want sweet with u till the end.Till we both old and drop all the teeths.I dunwan argue with u,wanna stick with u all my life.❤

Sisters,miss u guys alot..hope can meet soon❤


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