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Thursday, August 26, 2010

waiting for you ❤

Darl came back for few days last week.He wanna came back revision and i know he wanna see me.I did something that make me feel very regreted and guilty to him.I let him lost the study mood and he just acc me those days.I really very sorry about that.I wish he can pass all the subjects in final exam.

Well,i need to wait 10 days only can meet him again.I really miss him alot but this time i'll be patiently and wait him back..i dunwan make him can't study again.We can go travel after this 10 days and my sis will coming back for three weeks too..i really very excited with it ;D

I look to the calendar everyday..10 days seems like so short..but dunno why it very long for me.I really miss him like hell.Urggggg ><
I can feel that Dear love me more and more and treat me more and more good..so that i decided to be a good wife..hoho XP
I never love a guy deep as him.He changed me.I failed to let go for N times.He is the one i need.We're decreed by fate❤❤


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