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Monday, September 27, 2010

darl's sem break+bla bla bla

Went to singapore+indonesia+johor while darl sem break.We have lot of fun there and Non-stop buying things.It really happy that can shopping everyday but very tired too. >.^

took it in ferry❤

it very tired that need to take bus and ferry to another place,but feel doesn't matter when darl beside me.We keep chat and play in the bus.It really memorable.

We stick together 24/7 in this three weeks..i really appreciate it.Maybe many things happened in this three weeks, happy. sad. fed up and disappointed.But we still love each other deeply.Darl always said that the way we love different with other people.Maybe that's true.I wonder why i can changed for a guy so much.Can't find out the reason why love him so deep or maybe there have no reason.

He need to leave me and back to kampar again.I didn't cry front of him,but i cry badly in the bottom of my heart.I wish he could stay here..i wish could hold him tight and dun let him leave when he said bye to me.I feel miss him from the moment he leave.I miss every moment with him.I really miss him badly.Keep telling myself must be tough.I dun wan him worry me and i know i can do it.Will be wait for the next sem break and travel again.

There have no one perfect in this world.Everyone have their weakness.True friends will not leave us because of those weakness.My sisss,i appreciate that we all still belongs together after many argument or other things.Distance was not a problem for us.Our heart will still gether.Sister forever❤


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