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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the way we communicate :)

Out with carmen and mr.wong yesterday.we go watch movie gether.We watch Ice Kacang Puppy Love.LOL..i noe we so outdated..now only go see..there're jst few ppl in da cinema.==
We go sing K before watch movie.Meet Alice,Sabrina,Yin san and their fren there.
We take photo in da toilet before leave.Used many time to take photo.LOL.

3 of us❤

me and carmen❤

me and alice❤

carmen and alice❤

time past so fast when outing.wuhoo..frens..i love u guys :)

Dear's class end so early today.weeee..he can acc me^^
Actually i'm planning to go kampar on Wed.I ask my bro wheather when he free and take me go there.He said Thurs he no class,so that day only take me there.I tell dear bout that.Dear call me dunwan go dy..coz he still have class at Fri..we have no much time gether,so i better stay at ipoh and wait him back.Hmmm..i damn moody after he call me dun go.I get mad at him. Hyan said she Fri no class,so can back ipoh at Thurs,so i decided dunwan go dy...after that dear call me guai guai wait him back.I said i dunwan wait him,i wan wait Hyan.And i said i wan Tolak his Markah.Then we start to chat bout tolak and tambah markah for whole day.he ask me wheather got Bonus anot and he dunwan fail.ahaha...my dear so cuteeeee one larr XP He make me angry him at nite.I said wan tolak markah..he said canot tolak,want tambah..but i said tak boleh..haha :D
Anyway..tis is the way we comumunicate and i feel like tis is better than angry him or argue with him.we getting crazy and crazy when together.
Thx for ur sweeeeet msg before i slp.ILY :)

Friday coming soon..YEAH~~waiting for u,darling❤


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