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Monday, May 24, 2010


Attended cousin's wedding dinner at last sat.They back from australia.Long time no see them and i forget what they look like,coz they move to australia when i'm still a little gal.i outing with dear and back home late dy.it jst left half an hour for me to prepare =x
Damn many ppl marry this few days.hmmph..when only my turn?LOL

dear is addicted to play PS2 with sis and my little cousin.Always back home so late becoz of it.LOL..anyway..thx a lot coz he always stay beside me.

Sunday,a day he nid to leave me again.as usual,i didn't cry at all..even got feel like wanna drop my tears when he say bye to me.Hope can see him soon.really need him so much.sighh.

Learn to drive car today.it damn scary for me.That uncle called me drive myself when he reached my home.LOL..i'm first time drive leh.luckily nothing happen on da road.If not i can go paradise dy :O
He teach me drive to the way when test.hmmm..i feel damn easy geh.But dunno when test i can handle it anot..God Bless me.
back to the place where learn car to learn parking.that uncle call me do it myself after few times.LOL..again..i cnt memorise those things larr..stupid me.
i'm gonna bump against the pillar.God Man.i can't think anything that time.My mind is blank.hmmmm><
Wed need learn again..damn scare.hope everything fine.

I hope those ppl i love can safety and happy forever.Please,nightmare far away from me.Dun disturb my life and dun disturb those ppl i love.


楚倪.Joey said...

am i one of the ppl u love??
hahah~~miss u so much~
few weeks later, u will adapt the day without him~
hope u happy and successful in ur driving test~

vivian loh❤ said...

sure u're one of the ppl i love lar..u're my siong gong worrr XP
thx ya.muaxx

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