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Monday, May 10, 2010

1st day without you.

hmmm..i'm so sad tis morning.coz i promised dear will shopping with him before he leave..but last nite i slp at 6am..i can't wake in the morning..and when i text dear he said next week only shopping with me..i'm very very regret tat time and heartache so muchh. ><
Dear come find me awhile before he go kampar..we chat for awhile and i gave him a hug before he leave.i try my best to control my tears,coz dear said he dunwan see me cry and finally i did it :)
after he leave i have cry for awhile coz really can't used with it.but after that i'm okay dy.
dear text me after he reach.He said he hope me there and hlp him keep his things..weeeeee..
He said he like his new room much and his roommate was so frendly..hmm..i'm glad to heard that.coz i really worry he can't used with it. :)

Hyan has trouble bout her room..lolz..pity her..hmm..luckily now settle jor jek =D
i'm gonna miss u muchh lar sui porr..wait for ur starbucks coffee arr XP
rmb find my dear if have any problem.gud luck to u❤

darling arrr..really miss u muchh muchh lar..but i'll be fine.dun worry me..enjoy ur new llife.i trust u and waiting for ur ring.heart you :)


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