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Saturday, May 15, 2010

sweet day :)

weee..today have a very very very sweet and happy day with darling^^
we need to fetch dear's sis and bro back from skul today,so need wake up early.That sui dear slp till late dyy..hmmm..my zhan zhu lai cha mou jor larrr :( suen lerr..forgive dear ler..coz can with him i aldy feel satisfy. :) i realise that dear yun loi so GAN one.hahaha..coz he did jor smtg when fetch his sis and bro XP
we have our lunch with his family.chat many things at car gether and laugh till non stop :D
dear's mum said jor smtg and make me feel so dizzy..allah~ @@
we go police station after that..coz dear's bro lost his wallet,need go report..Hmm..1st time entered police station,din feel any afraid..maybe i din did wrong and dear is there with me :) damn hot inside the police station...really got a bit beh tahan == lol..duno got open air-con anot geh.We wait for so loooong and finally gao dim dy^^
Dear said feel wanna eat sushi suddenly.We sent his bro home and go to JJ.weeeee :D
dear ask me if let me choose i'll choose sushi or steamboat..and i ans him i'll choose sushi,coz i really love it crazily.Then he ask me feel what would he choose,i ans him got sushi geh steamboat XP he said he'll choose sushi too after that.wow..i found my sushi kaki dy..ahaha.. :D
take photo after we finished.

me + dear

weeee :P

we go walk around after that.keep chat many things and we keep laugh and laugh.
ahahaha..i sot dyy and actually dear unhappy with smtg,but he see me laugh like this he oso laugh dy.Yeah =D
i like to laugh with dear.i like to see he laugh too..coz he jst will lost control when with me :))
feel more and more close with dear now.yea..i hope we can keep like this till the end.
hmmm..will u feel bored with me if i always say imy or ily?I know u won't..ahaha..tat's y i always say it to u.lalala XP
thx u for tolerate with me,i can feel that u try to more care me.Remember wat u told me yesterday.I feel dun wanna let u go again :( I need u so muchh larrr......but i'll try to be more independent.I'll try to listen to u,dun let u worry. :)
Last,i heart u and thx for everythings u gave me.❤


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