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Thursday, May 20, 2010


wed,might be a happy day for me.Dear is cuming back coz class on fri cancelled dy.He can acc me more.
But..smtg happened in my family.i can't predict that it'll happened to me.God..what should i do?I'm freaking confused.I dunno what shud i do and wat can i do.I'm gonna crash coz of it.
I'm appreciate that my dear is stay with me and help me so much.he calm me down and i feel more secure when he is beside me.He just like a part of my family.I know i couldn't lose him,coz i used to be with him dy.
Well..is that money is important than happy/family?The answer will be NO for me.You'll be understand if u have the same trouble with me.Money can help many ppl,but it can impair too.Many things will become different after u rich.Dun jealous those rich ppl , coz they had to face those problem that u doesn't need to face.

I just need a happy and steady family.I love my family damn much.


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