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Friday, March 18, 2011

2011 1st post :/

i dunno how long didn't update my blog dy.
All the memories gone :/

There have many things happened is last few months.
It's really like a dream.A nightmare,perhaps?
Anyway,i really get some lesson in last few months.
I'm glad that i've few SIS beside me and give me many advise and support
when i'm really in trouble.Thanks alot my sis.

Btw,our world seem like going to END..
GOD,i'm so scareeeeeee,
I dunwan DIE,i just 19 years old..i've many things haven do.
Please..God Bless

Someone,thanks for staying beside me
and go through all the problems.
I'll never naughty agian.
I'm really sorry bout ALL I DID.
Thanks for your forgiving and loving.
i really know my fault dy.

2011 wish list
world never END
trip with my SUPERMAN
earn more money
healthier than before


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